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Jessica Kwalli is no stranger to identifying and servicing the needs of others which is why she is the Founder & CEO of Black Diamond Beauty Supply Co. LLC. As a native Detroiter, she was always at the epicenter of beauty and fashion. Growing up in the inner city made her realize there was a lack of representation and ownership in the hair care industry reflecting its largest consumers––African Americans. After repeated incidents of poor customer service and a lack of knowledge in Black hair at local beauty supply businesses, Kwalli made it her mission to create a hair care disruptor by the people and for the people.

As a graduate from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s of Science, Kwalli got her start working with underserved youth across Michigan, which opened a pathway for her to work with children and adults alike through several roles in medicine. As time progressed, so did her desires to impact her community on a larger scale. Kwalli––like many entrepreneurs––realized one day she wasn't living out her true passions. She decided if she was going to work 14-16 hours a day, then it would be for her own empire. Armed with her personal knowledge and experience in hair care, Kwalli began taking business courses in July of 2020. These various courses were taken through Urban Business Institute, Beauty Supply Institute, ProsperUS Detroit, and TechTown’s Retail Bootcamp setting herself up to be the "Bosslady" she knew she would be. A nickname given to her by a former 5th grade teacher.

The name stuck and became one of the many fuels used to create Black Diamond Beauty Supply Co. LLC––a curated hair care company for the audience she knows, loves, and is. With certain products tested by her trusted team of beauty gurus, Black Diamond will be servicing the city of Detroit through brick and mortar and e-commerce addressing many of the disparities faced by African American consumers. The “Black Diamond” experience doesn't stop here, the goal is also to educate consumers about the products they're using from the ingredients used to the manufacturer producing it. 

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